What we are

Thematics SA is an organisation for stamp collectors who use themes as the basis for their collections. Thematics SA functions independently from the Philatelic Federation of South Africa. The organisation will initially use both English and Afrikaans as its means of communication. Thematics SA is affiliated as a Chapter (#103) to the American Topical Association. 

Aim and Objectives

The aim of Thematics SA is:

* to act as an organised body on behalf of its members to promote thematic and topical  philately.


The objectives of Thematics SA are:

* to promote thematic philately in its widest sense;
* to provide a service to the thematic collector, especially with respect to information and equipment;
* to bring thematic collectors in closer contact with each other;
* to serve as a countrywide mouthpiece for thematic collectors;
* to publish a newsletter/magazine regularly; and
* to encourage stamp shows, exhibitions and competitions.


 Service Delivery

Thematics SA will attempt to provide services to its members which may include the following depending on members' demands:
* translation of articles into English and Afrikaans;
* library facility with books and specific articles on thematic topics;
* advertising new and used handbooks and help members to obtain these books at best prices;
* to ensure that handbooks are obtained from time to time to add to the reference material available in the    library;
* creation of an exchange packet service; and
* enabling members to pay their accounts by cheque, electronic funds transfer (EFT) and credit card;
* create opportunities for exhibiting thematic material through stamp shows and other occasions.